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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 31, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the record and we will see you tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> tonight guilty of sins, but not crimes. >> if i was the person who should be held accountable for my sins, obviously i don't have to go any further than the mirror. >> disgraced former presidential candidate john edwards slithers out of a legal disaster. you won't believe what else he said but you will hear it. plus your legal panel is here tonight. why is george w. bush back in the white house and why is he telling first lady michelle obama what to do? you will hear directly from president bush. all that is minutes away. but first talk about rubbing salt in the wound. mitt romney is slamming president obama today but not just anywhere. right behind him one of the president's biggest embarrassments, the solyndra factory, all boarded up. >> it's a symbol of gross waste. you look at this building behind
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us, this is not the kind of building that is built by private enterprise. this is the kind of enterprise, the kind of building that's built with half a billion dollars of taxpayer money. it's not just the taj mahal of corporate headquarters, you probably also heard inside there are showers that have lcd displace that tells you what the temperature is of the shower water and the robots inside actually pro disney music tunes. >> back to senior political analyst brit hume joins us. thanks for joining us. >> nice to be here. >> that's quite a site. a stunt or effective? >> possibly both. solyndra works for romney as a campaign subject for a couple reasons. one it goes to waste and spend wig is one of his criticisms, and it also goes to the question of who vests other people's money well. obama campaign is attacking mitt romney for his time at bain capital investing private money. this was about taxpayer money
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that was vested and came to not and a loss of 1100 jobs. you see this would be a subject mitt romney would enjoy raising. >> i would add another one and it's leadership. the person who made the decision was the secretary of energy, and he's still in office. he's still the cabinet secretary and this was a profound business blunder. this is a very smart man, a scientist, but he made this mistake and he's still in office. and the question should he have gone? should the president have asked for him to go? that would alleviate i think some of the p. r. pain. >> i think the obama administration is of the view that this is how it works. you are going to plant this kind of seed money out there, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. that's the point they make when they talking about the enterprises that bain stead in that didn't turn out well. >> but even at the very beginning, you know, a person with limited, with no business
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experience should know this was bad because it was the cost to produce these solar panels by solyndra was more expensive than you could buy from china. >> right. >> so even under the most -- giving him all the benefit of the doubt, this was fundamentally one of the dumbest business decisions that was ever made. >> that's certainly what you will hear from the challenger as we go through the campaign season. how much longer he will stay on the subject, i don't know. the other thing we don't know, and it will be interesting to see, that is where the public is. how much of the public knows about solyndra and what do they think about it? more they know about it the less they will like it and they will know more of what you just pointed out which should be of some use to mitt romney. >> it seems to be a questions of waste and business decision and not jocks. 1,000 people lost jobs and president obama campaign is hitting romney on the question in massachusetts whether he created jobs or not. they are both fighting about it. >> they are. but in the sense they are
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talking past each other but they are talking the same thing, who is the most effective job creator. romney says while his state was high on the list of nonjob creators, 47 out of 50 in job creation, the economy as a country that he dealt with during the period he was in office, there were two recessions and he still managed some job growth. they aren't saying, the obama administration is saying he didn't create jobs, they are saying he didn't create as many as he should have or as fast as he could and the president is not in vulnerable on that count. now to massachusetts. elizabeth, she's made a statement that she apparently supplied to harvard the information that she was native-american and the number now is 1/32. >> this is painful to watch. i've seen issues of that come up that are embarrassing, but the issue of getting her native-american heritage behind
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her is remarkable. she has said different things. now she's acknowledged that she at one point was saying harvard may have listed me as native-american, but i didn't know anything about that. i wasn't even aware they were doing it. and suggested, of course, that they hadn't found that out from her. she now acknowledges that she told them that. she said it was after she was hired but she toll them that. the problem is she says now that, you know, she is still saying that she has american indian heritage, but there's no proof that that is true. so on two counts she may not have told the truth to begin with, and the secondly she may not have told the truth about that. >> in the beginning i was very sympathetic to her because families tell all stories about what fought at what battles and you grow up believing it. but it's just gotten way too weird. and the 1/32 does not seem to be a profoundly amount of -- i'm 50% irish so i wear green on st. patrick's day. if i were 1/32, i don't think i
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would wear green on st. patrick's day. >> jesus, greta, knowing you were irish, there's a tie. >> but amazing, 1/32. >> i don't get it. because it's such a small amount of native-american blood if there is any native-american blood it seems not worth talking about as you suggest. if she wasn't trying to gain some advantage from it, why would she say she's proud of it? why would she make a big deal out of the 1/32. >> i would say get out front and tell it what it is and not let it drag on. that's what is painful. >> it keeps going on and on. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> now to the political battle for iowa. nevada and colorado. those are all battleground states and you better win that if you want to be president. so who is winning those states? right now known. a new poll showing president obama and gov. mitt romney in a dead heat in those battleground states, iowa, colorado and nevada. so is there good news in those numbers for either candidate.
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dick morris, author of the book "scrooge" joins us. hello, dick. >> good to be here. >> if i were looking at those numbers in the campaign, how many undecideds are out there? and who is better off with the tied numbers than the other. >> just add up the two and take them away from 100 and you get the undecided. but an incumbent, as i think i said before on your show, very rarely, if ever, wins the undecided vote in any contest because undecided voters, the guy is president of the united states. you want to re-elect him? i'm undecided. that doesn't say good things about him. it means they don't know romney well enough but they are inclined to vote against obama. i would say based on those numbers, in iowa you probably have a romney victory. in colorado you probably do too. in nevada it could go either way because obama is at 48. he could move over 50. and these are surveys of registered voters.
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one-third of them don't show up. you need to look at likely voters to tell. i'm not sure the policy mean a whole lot. >> i imagine the campaigns are watching them carefully. and i mean those are not insignificant states. so the polls may not mean a lot but they are enough to scare and you it's scary enough to try to do something about it. >> i think that is shows that obama has a great deal of difficulty getting up to 50% of the vote anyplace. especially among likely voters. and that's very bad for an incumbent president. >> all right. let me turn now to pakistan, another topic you are interested in. the issue of using foreign aid to try to at least buy friends or not buy friends or to use it to get friends to do something or maybe they are not so much friends and pulling men to get them to do something. >> right. in my book i have a table that's kind of fun. i look at the countries that received half a billion dollars a year or more from us. there are about 50 of them. and i ask how many -- what
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percent of the time did they vote with us or against us in the united nations? and the average is 80% against us. pakistan is a typical example. it's probably the most anti-american country in the world. and we are sitting here, and this country sheltered bin laden. they obviously knew he was there. he was basically living at west point if it was in the u.s. and now they sentence to 33 years in jail the doctor who helped lead us to bin laden. they claim now it's because he gave money to a terrorist group but that's nonsense. the group he gave money to wasn't terrorist. >> here's the problem, dick. as luck would have it we traveled, on the record traveled with secretary of state hillary clinton to pakistan a few years ago. >> i'm not sure i would call that luck, greta. >> whatever. but anyway, that she was maketh announcement that the runs was about to award i think
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$6 billion, $7 billion to pakistan. and the one thing was they wanted to know how pakistan was going to spend it. we wanted to make sure they weren't going to spend it on terrorist groups but instead on food, clothing and shelter. and the pakistani people were irate on the streets saying we were trying to control them with strings attached and we wanted to make sure it didn't go to terrorism. the reason we did that is india, right next door, mortal enemy of pakistan was upset we were giving money to pakistan, fertile areas for terrorism and india does not and they say give us the money we are your really good friends. but we are using the money to try to buy pakistan because we don't want to lose them to some other country. and if we don't give them money here's the problem, the country collapses, and they have got all those nuclear weapons. so we are really in a terrible bind. >> yeah, we are in a terrible bind because we don't know how to handle it and how to get out of it. i point out in my book,
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"screwed" when nixon couldn't get russia to behave, and when they were expanding and confronting the united states all over the world, he had a solution. go to their worst enemy, china, and be friend china. in "screwed" i recommend the same thing. don't give more aid to pakistan, you will never buy those people. they hate you and you won't overcome that. go to india, their worst enemy, give them assistance and then the pakistanis with freak out and begin to come to the united states to stop the american alliance with india. >> india would certainly love that, they would love the money. but the problem is too if pakistan does collapse what about the security of their nuclear weapons? i'm not sure what the security is when they haven't collapsed but what about that? >> most the aid we are giving them is to fight al-qaeda. the problem is they say they are using it to fight the united states troops as well. some aid is going directly to groups that fire on our soldiers. every country says in the last
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analysis if you don't do what i want it will collapse, and in this case there are nuclear weapons involved. but that doesn't mean the united states can't bring real serious pressure on pakistan to not do things like try the guy that helps us find bin laden and lock him up for 33 years by going over to the competition and making nice on them. >> even worse -- >> all we do now is cut off aid and we soon rekindle it and nobody thinks that's a problem. >> each worse, i will take the last word on it, why in the world do we even let the situation happen? if he was helping us why didn't we protect him before this happened and now he has 33 years and now we have a bigger problem. i'm taking the last word on that. >> that's good. thank you, greta. >> straight ahead, the obama campaign, and david axle wood leaving chicago for hollywood? wait until you hear what he just said. you can decide if he has a future on the big screen. you will hear from him that's next. and also guilty of sin but not
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crimes. disgraced former presidential candidate john edwards off the hook for now and speaking out. you will hear from john edwards and, of course, our legal panel is here, too. plus former first lady nancy reagan making a big announcement. what is she telling the nation? you will hear nancy reagan's message coming up. i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. a living, breathing intelligence helping business, do more business. in here, opportunities are created and protected.
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>> david axelrod stealing a lean from a film. first the original from "a few good men." >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth! >> and today in boston axelrod taking jack nicholson's line. did he pull it off or did it fall flat? here's what he told gov. mitt romney supporters who were heckling him. [chanting] >> for 20 years. you can't handling the truth, my friends. that's the problem. you can handle the truth, you will quiet down. >> washington's chief political correspondent joins us. will he go to hollywood or will he stick to politics? >> i give the edge to jack
7:18 pm
nicholson. this was a serious scene. it was rowdy and noisy and attracted a lot of attention. the romney campaign was trying to attract attention. mitt romney was heckled over and over again. he did an event to the bridge of no where in new hampshire and there were hecklers. he did another event and there was hecklers there and a big demonstration in michigan when he laid out his economic plan. he said we get heckled all the time, this is a signal that they will give it back twice at much. >> are these freelance hecklers or organized campaign-sanctioned hecklers. >> organized campaign-sanctioned hecklers. this was a boston. the romney campaign headquarters is in boston. there were employees among the group doing the yelling. >> will this be happening when president obama is campaigning? >> yeah, it is the surrogate david axelrod and not the
7:19 pm
president himself. although it is true that romney has been heckled himself as some of these events. but doesn't mean that it will happen to president obama himself. >> it's sort of interesting that gov romney's campaign today at solyndra was secret. people didn't even know it was going to happen. is that to avoid the heckling? >> the axelrod event was not supposed to be known a few hours before it happened but it leak out last night and that's what allowed the romney people to organize this counter demonstration. romney didn't let that happen in california. as a matter of fact, the reporters who travel with romney, who cover with romney, didn't find out they were going to solyndra until they were on a bus on the way. >> okay. the other topic. e-mails today describing the dealmaking on the healthcare law between the white house and pharmaceutical industry. >> you remember president obama entering the campaign promise that negotiations for the healthcare bill would be in
7:20 pm
public, they would be on c-span and you wouldn't have the private back room deals, secret deals, that sort of stuff and that blows it completely out of the water. it shows in the preparation of obamacare you had the pharmaceutical industry negotiating with the white house. the swung thing they wanted to stop more than anything was the reimportation of drugs at a lower cost, you know, from out of the country. they were offering things, they ended up offering money for an advertising campaign in favor of obamacare to support groups that were created to promote obamacare. there was a lot of back and forth dealing going on. >> when the white house got caught with their pants down with the e-mails, spokesperson eric shuttle said a naked tax funded campaign to hurt the president's campaign instead of oops, we western transparent like we said we would be. and the fact now the american people know about it is somehow
7:21 pm
a political maneuver. >> if you are a republican this is the advantage in controlling one house of control. the house energy and customers committee were able to get this stuff and make it public in a way that is probably would not have been if the democrats had continued to hold congress. >> it would disturb me so little if they hadn't promised transparency. everybody is up in the eyeballs in the city to cut special deals and special earmarks but don't tell the american people it is going to be transparent if you are doing this behind the scenes secret e-mail stuff that is just not transparent. >> right. and you cannot expect legislation of the scope of obamacare that affects literally one-sixth of the economy not to have some of this stuff going on. who is more interested in a bill that would force americans to buy their product and subsidize those americans who couldn't afford it to buy it than the pharmaceutical industry. they deserve to have a voice in the process. it's just the secret stuff that
7:22 pm
will irritate people. >> thank you. well, it started with lemonade and cookies and ended with an endorsement. nancy rag began hosting gov. mitt romney and his wife at the how. they had a snack and she endorsed mitt romney for president. she said she's thrilled gov. romney is the gop choice and she also said ronny would have liked gov. romney's business background and strong principles and i have to say i do to. >> and coming up, sleazy. that does not mean criminal. that seems to be the message from the john edwards jury. but the drama is far from over. wait until you hear what he had to say after court. it might make you cringe. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon
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>> i want to make sure that everyone hears from me and my voice that while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible for my sins. none of the people who came to court and testified are responsible. nobody working for the government is responsible. i am responsible. and if i wanted to find the person that should be held abilitiable for my since, honestly i don't have to go any further than the mirror. it is me. it is me and me alone.
7:27 pm
i also want to say a word about my own children. kate, which all of you have seen has been here every single day. she has been here no matter what. no matter how awful and painful a lot of the evidence was for her. evidence about her dad, evidence about her mom, who she loved so, so dearly. but she never once flinched. she said, dad, i love you, i'll be there for you know matter what. and i am so proud to have had her with me through all of this process. and then finally, emma, who turned 14 recently, emma and jack who just turned 12, who i take care of every day. and i have not been able to see them quite as much but i see them in the morning, i get their breakfast ready, get them off to school and then we get home at night and we all eat supper
7:28 pm
together, and i love them both so dearly. and they are such an important part of every day of my life. and then finally, my precious quinn. who i love more than any of you could imagine. and i am so close to and so, so grateful for. so grateful for quinn. i'm grateful for all my children. one of the most disgraced men in america. former presidential candidate john edwards off the hook at least for now. the jury deadlocked on five charges. they acquitted him on one charge. our legal panel is here. gym hammer joins us from san francisco, bernie grim and ted williams are here. ted, you are a big defender of john edwards. >> i'm a big defender, boy,
7:29 pm
that's an understatement. as far as i'm concerned, john edwards is long -- for what he did to his wife. i met elizabeth edwards right here in this studio, and i'm very saddened. but let me say this, the government did not have a case here. to bring this case was a waste of taxpayers' money. you look at barney, who was supposed to give money, she didn't of it. fred baron is dead. the government d. didn't have a case. this was a waste of taxpayer money. >> i'm in court now down the hall and the clemens case. it's costing millions of dollars to watch this all unfold. edwards left a lot of carnage behind him but i don't understand why this case is being brought in the first place. it's just silly. edwards stump speech, i'm glad i
7:30 pm
didn't eat before i came down here because i would have been a little bit sick. >> why was this case brought? from the very beginning most lawyers looking at it were sort of confused by the prosecution's theory about this case. i mean, it seemed weak to begin with. prosecutors bring cases they can win. you look at this and think why are you bringing this in and then you hear about the evidence through the reporters in the courtroom but you keep wondering why they are bringing this. >> i don't want to criticize a prosecutor because they try a tough case but i think this was a mistake. prosecutors sometimes get too close to this case. i can imagine going to this and finding the check check and say ah-ha, i get the next piece of evidence. if you don't step back and say one theory is he violated campaign finance laws, and the other one is he wanted to keep it secret and that's not a crime. that's what the prosecutor did here. there are two totally reasonable explanations, one a crime, one not a crime, and i'm not going
7:31 pm
to prosecute this case. >> the strong he felt evidence the prosecution had and it's grossly improper is he's very difficult to like. i actually have to applaud the jury they could step aside from all the horrible things they hear about him and look at the evidence fairly and squarely. but even listening to what he said on the steps, it sounded like he loves his kids but oh, my precious quinn, and he gets all choked up and you watch and you think are you kidding in his other daughter is standing there. [laughter] >> the -- it is so bizarre on a lot of levels. but it's a testament to the injure system. this case, casey anthony, people who can put aside bad character which you are not supposed to convict somebody on and base it on the facts. morally the guy is bankrupt, but factually i'm with him. the case shouldn't have been brought in the first place. >> i think from what he said in the courthouse he thinks he's coming back. >> wait a minute. if you ever heard a campaign speech, you heard it with john
7:32 pm
edwards outside of that courtroom. did you see where he choked up? my daughter, and quinn. give me a break! when you look at this case, one of the other sleazeballs in this case was andrew young, the chief witness for the government. this guy not only got the money, put it in his private bank account, but even took some of the money and built a house. >> yes, jim. >> i think there's another part to the question why did the prosecutor get wrapped up in this case. there's this idea when you come across a case that's so disgusting and we all agree the affair he carried on and what he put his daughters on is disskippable. i think the prosecutor thought he's such a horrible man, i'm going to get him. but there wasn't a crime. >> that's dangerous, though. the prosecutor is going to prosecute someone because he gets the top prize for being the biggest creep?
7:33 pm
>> he is. and this should be a warning. this should be a warning -- i think juries don't want to convict people for what is sex offenses. he was a horrible husband and a cheat and most don't think that's a crime. >> but he was a heartbeat away from the presidency. when he couldn't win he tried to become the vice president. can you imagine how embarrassing this would have been for this country? >> anyway, hats off to the jury and the defense attorney who also did a great job on this. jim, ted, bernie, thank you all. coming up, are we headed for another showdown at the ok corral? house majority leader eric cantor and congressman tim scott go on the record. that's next. and in two minutes is president bill clinton stepping into president obama's job? what is president clinton planning to do and where is
7:34 pm
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>> a parade of political a-listers making their way through wisconsin ahead of the historical recall election. but the visitor may be the grand marshall of that parade. that's right, the biggest political star and the voice to the recall race arrives in wisconsin tomorrow. who is it? president bill clinton. bill clinton will campaign for mayor barrett. he's a democrat challenging scott walkner the recall. the dnc said it is happy that president clinton is supporting mayor barrett. but where is president obama? he isn't stopping in wisconsin this week. instead doing a flyover between his own fundraisers, illinois and minnesota. not even a wisconsin refuel stop. why is obama avoiding wisconsin
7:37 pm
and mayor barrett? we are back in two.
7:38 pm
7:39 pm
>> are we headed for another showdown over the debt ceiling. tim scott and eric cantor are here in 60 seconds. first let's go to the new york news. mary ann is standing by with the headlines. >> a massive fire in new mexico is spreading in all directions. the forest fire growing to about 300 square feet, making it the largest in the sat's history. more than 1200 firefighters are fighting flames near the arizona border. so far the fire is only about five percent contained. and new york city wants you to put down the big gulp and go for something healthier. they are proposing a ban on large sugary drinks. he said if sweet ended drinks were limited to 16 ounces childhood obesity would drop 15% in four years. critics accuse the mayor of creating a nanny state.
7:40 pm
i'm mary ann. now back to "on the record." >> now the nation's skyrocketing debt. it's getting worse by the second. last summer the washington debt ceiling deadlocked escalating into an all-out crisis. you remember that nightmare. but are we headed for a summer rerun? that's one of the questions we ask eric cantor and congressman tim scott. gentlemen, nice to see you both. >> thank you very much. >> let me start with you, mr. cantor. what's going on in this room? it's very crowded. >> what is going on is tim scotts leadership is on display. you remember they said revitalize america through entrepreneurism. it's been free market and opportunity for everybody. >> who is here? give me an idea of the crew. >> first we start with eric cantor. >> i saw him. >> and we have charlie, a former executive with hb is here. and the ce of dominoes, and ceo
7:41 pm
of honeywell. and jaywalker, the founder of and the pharmaceutical former ceo, lilly ceo speaking as well. we have a panel of experts and we have entrepreneurs, small businesses, trucking companies, restaurant chains, companies from south carolina and throughout the nation and representing a cross-sectiontion of the business community to look for a way to get government out of the way so they can go back to creating jobs. >> i take it it's not just about lunch and talking, there must be a goal. what are you look to do with this group. >> what i see as the goal, in congress there are a lot of differences in washington with both parties and we are trying to come together and get something done for the people at home who are frustrated because they don't see a better economy coming back. the best thing we can do is to work to create that environment with entrepreneurs will be willing to go take a risk again. the reality is too many people
7:42 pm
are unemployed but a lot of those laid off employed actually may want to become employers or entrepreneur and the question as policymakers is how do we go about making it easier for that to happen? >> one of the big questions small business people have and americans do as well, citizens who might work for something else, are taxes going to go up to meet the debt problems and the deficit problems? >> you know, i think tim and i would both tell you we don't think it's a good idea to raise taxes on anybody, especially in a recession like we are in. >> on anybody at all? >> on anybody at all. raising taxes you mean you want washington to spend the money, not the person who earns it. right now we don't have enough people investing with confidence and say i want to invest and we have to create that environment. you don't create that environment by raising taxes. >> is there any way you would vote for a tax increase? the bush tax cuts are supposed to expire the end of the year. >> i would not. look no further than obamacare, a half a trillion dollars in new
7:43 pm
taxes starting in january, 2013. the question is how do we grow the economy when legislation is passed by former congresses that put us in position where we have less ability to do that. >> and he brings up obamacare. what happens? two scenarios, the supreme court strikes down the healthcare law at the end of june, or that is doesn't strike it down. give the american poem a little bit of a hint of what we can expect. >> i don't think there's any question. if the supreme court strikes down any part of the law or the law itself in total, i think it's a real statement about the president's agenda, his leadership, and i think it does speak volumes to the country about this is what you get. and what we think is washington-based healthcare is not the answer. what the answer is is to empower patients and their doctors to make the decisions for themselves. and what we want to do is to provide more choices for patients. whether it's choices of insurance coverage or insurance, a choice of which doctor to go
7:44 pm
to, and there's a very stark difference in the kind of healthcare we believe is best suited for america versus the washington based healthcare of the president. >> i think most people think that healthcare, because it's new, whether you like it or not, there's some element of chaos in it. if the supreme court decides on june 30th that it's unconstitutional, july 1st we have a different type of chaos and uncertainty. any idea in terms of, is there going to be some healthcare program coming out of the republican leadership? >> i think we have always stood for a patient-centered healthcare. one thing you will see if the supreme court does not strike the bill down is we will act affirmatively to repeal obamacare and we will continue to advocate for that because it is the wrong solution for working families, small businesses or individuals who want better healthcare at an affordable cost. >> i'm curious, if you are opposed to raising taxes in light of the fact our debt is growing, what's your solution for at least addressing the
7:45 pm
debt? is it simply cutting spending? there are a lot of people across the country they like when you cut somebody else's stuff, not their own. >> from the entrepreneurs, lower taxes has an in verse matter. we are looking to grow the economy, look for an economy on fire. and it happens by lowering tacks, eliminating regulation and putting business owners back in charge. as a business owner, if i knew that my taxes were coming down, and it's going to be permanent, what i would do is invest in more capital equipment and i would hire more employees because it would help me create more profit. the long story short is lower tacks means more revenue to the treasury and the government. >> what if you are a businessman and you don't know what congress is going to do because there's no much upheal and we have an election coming up. what would you could about your business. >> today we have $2.5 trillion of revenue sitting the on the
7:46 pm
sidelines and corporations are too afraid because there's no certainty notice market. so what do they do? nothing. they don't buy anything or hire anything. the challenge of this economy is there is so little long-term certainty that most big businesses and entrepreneurs like myself, they don't invest in this market. >> i believe -- we are probably going to come up on another showdown of ok corral on the debt ceiling, right? >> what happened last year, it was sort of evident the two sides disagreed on two issues, healthcare and taxes. and what we have always said, fix the problem, stop digging the hole deeper, and that is going to lift a tremendous burden off the economy. we put forward a solution as to how we believe you can fix the problem on the budget. and unfortunately the president has not countered. if they disagrees with ours, which they ten to say, at least put your solution on the table and let's talk about it. because i think that most of us,
7:47 pm
most americans are asking why can't you just be reasonable and set aside differences and try to come together? everybody thinks america ought to pay its bills. and so there's never sort of any sense that someone wants to take the country off the cliff. we are trying to solve the problem so we can get the entrepreneur nears of the country back in the game again. >> and congressman scott said he would do it, and wait and see what happens. i'm curious, i assume they are waiting to see who is elected president. that has a big impact on you, right? >> it's a huge consequence to the country who is elected. >> in the meantime, though, we are approaching june, and the election isn't until november and we are running out the clock. is there anything being done? are you talking to president obama and are you all looking at this debt ceiling problem because it's there. it's going to come up soon. probably right after the election. >> i think what we ought to do is put ourselves in the shoes of the small businessman or woman and what they are thinking right
7:48 pm
now and what they are wondering is if their tax rates will go up. so the house is going to act with resolute fashion and say -- >> what is resolute fashion, how fast is that. >> within the next month or so we will have a bill on the floor, probably in july to say there is not going to be any tax increases on anybody. now is not the time to raise taxes. >> you mean of a january? you are talking about the bush tax cuts? >> right. if they will by operation of law go up unless congress acts affirmatively. we will act this summer to make sure that people know if they don't want their taxes going up, they have to follow the republican plan because otherwise they are going to go up. >> one final question, how is the new job? is it what you expected. >> it certainly is. it's been exciting many ways and depressing other ways. we live in an amazing country and amazing future. and we are talking about some of those things right now. >> thank you both, gentlemen. >> greta, thank you. >> straight ahead, president
7:49 pm
george w. bush is back at the white house. he seems to be bossing first lady michelle obama around. what does he tell her to do? you will hear from president obama. and how do you spell "winner"? the nation crowns it's top speller and you will see the winning moment. that's next. actually, the milk from my farm makes it so creamy, right dad. dad can see... boys! don't you think stouffer's steam perfect bag should get some credit? my carrots. my milk. [ female announcer ] new from stouffer's. farmers' harvest steam meals taste so good we'll bet the farm on it. the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> you have seen our top stories but here is the best of the rest. tonight twitter is buzzing with reaction to the john edwards mistrial. and some famous names are tweeting scorching tweets. laura tweets. ten to one he's already set up a pack, it might be called pathetic action committee. oh, buy. and albert tweets congrats to john edwards for ruining his life and getting away with it. and yahoo political reporter tweets that was the launch speech for the edwards 2016 campaign, right? >> and the nation's top speller was just crowned. here's the winning moment. guetapens, g-u-e-t-a-p-e-n-s, guetapens [applause] >> the winner of the national spelling bee is a 14-year-old eighth grader from san diego.
7:54 pm
278 stooges took part in this year's contest. congratulations to the winner and to all the winners. and if you hate paying the atm fees, here's the solution, put your own atm in your house. that's what nba star deshon stevenson did. he installed an atm in his own kitchen. he said he got tired of always searching for a machine and now he doesn't even have to leave home. the question is will he charge his friends the transaction fee? there you have it, the best of the rest. come up, the last call, one more before we turn out the lights. president bush, president obama and two first ladies gather at the white house. what brought them all together? you will see. that's next. ion. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table.
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7:59 pm
welcoming former president george w. bush and laura bush back to their former home. and today marks the unveiling of the bush's official portrait. >> dolly madison famously saved this portrait of the first george w. now, michelle... if anything happens there is your man! >> president bush's parents and two daughters attended and that is your last call, lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. we're going to see you again tomorrow night. that is where we have a special show for you. an on the record special on the wisconsin recall election. everything you wanted to know about the wisconsin recall elec.


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